Aerial Photography by Drone – The Advantages

Doron Ad – Drone Photography, Professional Aerial Photography by Drones.

Doron Ad Drone Aerial Photography specializes in providing stills, panoramas, orthophotos and 3D modeling by aerial photography, which can be integrated into all types of productions (private or business). The photography will be carried out by a team of cutting-edge professionals, who operate advanced drones, including, if necessary, computerized image processing using dedicated software. The company owner, Mr. Doron Ad, has extensive airborne photography experience, took park of aerial photography projects at Nesher Aerial Photography and Wings of Jerusalem, holds an Israeli commercial flight license No. 2273 and an American license No. 109626677 for IR: Two-engine and instruments – as well as a UAV pilot license No. 870 Issued by the Israeli CAA.

Aerial Photography for All Purposes

We provide aerial photography services suitable for a wide range of needs, such as taking photographs, or making tutorials and promotional videos. In addition, our drones are suitable for producing professional video clips for singers and filming documentaries. Moreover, we also provide aerial photography services for the production of various kinds of events. We provide service to many types of customers -- and our aerial photos are performed according to each client's demand. An available, affordable, high-quality aerial photography by drone service. Aerial photography by drones anywhere possible, and at any time.

Advanced and Innovative Equipment

Aerial photography services by Doron Ad are carried out using state-of-the-art technologies which include world-class drones by DJI of the MAVIC 2 PRO and INSPIRE 2 models, capable of taking off and landing anywhere and under all conditions. The drones themselves are equipped with advanced photography gear and high-quality camera stabilization systems, while shooting at a format suitable for quality video, stills, and hyperlapse photography. Each aircraft at Doron Ad is licensed and has a designated tail number. Our licensed drone pilots hold certification for performing aerial photography – while the company has full aviation insurance coverage. Our office employs an aerial photographer with many years of experience in all types of aerial photography, including 3D modeling.

Orthophoto Mapping And 3D Photographs

Mapping by drone enables you to achieve high-level results by vertical photographing that joins together in accordance with certain points of control - to become a coordinate grid and thus builds a "photographed map". Detailed terrain photographs and 3D models can be produced. An orthophoto map can be used for tracking construction and building deviations, mapping large or small areas (streets or neighborhoods).

Licenses and Insurance

Doron Ad is a licensed company, including civil aviation (CAA), third party insurance, aerial operating license, pilot's license, commercial pilot's license, drone licenses, an addition to our insurance policy, and UAV pilot's license.

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Aerial Photography for All Purposes

Advanced and Innovative Equipment

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